The Enfield Juvenile Firesetter Intervention Program was established in October 1992 to combat the ever-increasing problem of juvenile fire-setting and fireplay within the town of Enfield. Presently, there are five active members representing four of the five fire districts. The program averages 15 cases per year, with requests for information from another ten.

The Enfield Juvenile Firesetter Intervention Program targets children up to fourteen years of age who have been involved in “fireplay” or fire-setting activity. Children are referred to the program from family members, schools, fire departments, juvenile review boards and other outside agencies. The children are required to work with a Juvenile Fire-setter Interventionist for a total of eight hours. During this time, both fire safety education and social skill-building exercises are covered.

The Enfield Juvenile Firesetter Intervention Program is sponsored by the Enfield Fire Marshal’s Association, at no cost to the families of the children involved. For more information, please contact John Alexander, Program Administrator, at 749-8344.

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