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The Hazardville Fire Department has a very rich and unique history, full of innovation and achievement. Members of the Department take tremendous pride in our long tradition of service, as reflected in the design of our station patch and in our station itself.

While the Hazardville Fire Department was originally staffed solely by volunteers, we are now fortunate to have a limited paid staff during the week. Nevertheless, we continue to rely heavily on the dedication and commitment of volunteers. Working together, our paid and volunteer firefighters are responsible for preserving life and property for the second largest fire district in Enfield.

In addition to providing fire protection and life-safety services, the Hazardville Fire Department acts as an important resource for those interested in learning more about personal and public safety. Whether you are faced with a fire, trying to protect your home and family in the event of a hurricane, or simply enjoying an afternoon by the pool, knowledge and preparedness are the keys to safety and survival. To this end, we sponsor a variety of special programs and events to educate the public.

Our educational efforts are even extended to the very young. Our Fire Prevention and Education Program teaches children the basics of fire prevention and response and encourages them to become safety-minded at an early age. It is our goal to inspire good habits that will protect these children today and serve them throughout their lives.

Today's modern fire service is presently undergoing a transitional process. In recent years, Hazardville Fire Department has evolved into a highly sophisticated public safety rescue system aimed at saving lives and reducing the severity of injuries. The Department’s vision for the future continues to guide us towards excellence. This is achieved through deliberate planning, adaptability and the courage to embrace challenges and opportunities.

The Hazardville Fire Department is committed to providing a superior level of emergency service that continually improves the quality of life, health and safety of the people we serve — the citizens of Hazardville and the town of Enfield — when called on.

We are committed to providing a superior emergency service organization, which continually improves the quality of service delivered to our customers, the citizens of Hazardville.

Excellence — Striving for constant improvement to better serve the community and each other.

Safety — The preservation of life remains the number one goal of the HFD, beginning with the responder and extending to the public.

Valor — Courageously encountering adversity, accepting responsibility for one’s actions, and providing respectful and professional conduct due the public and our members.

Integrity — Always doing what is right, even when it’s difficult or unpopular, so that what we do individually and as an organization will stand up to public scrutiny.

Dedication — Wholly committed to the mission and vision of our department. The faithful observance of duty beckons us to fulfill our obligations professionally and honestly.

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